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We deal with the aspects of professional IT Services

Strategy & Corporate Finance

Through the Strategy and Corporate Finance service line, Savannah Advisory steers organizations towards positioning for the achievement of their goals, revenue growth, sustainability, environmental impact and more. The finance service line is designed to address a wide range of strategic and financial challenges faced by organizations across different sectors.

Service Offerings:

1. Corporate Strategic Planning & Mid-Term Reviews.
2. Business Unit Strategy
3. Corporate Finance and Valuation
4. Investment Strategy
5.Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A)
6. Business Plans and Financial Modelling
7. Risk Management

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Business Optimization

Today, Business Optimization is the cornerstone for business efficiency through the identification and implementation of new and improved processes and tools. This allows organizations proactively and actively react quickly in the face of changing marketplaces, unexpected setbacks, or new breakthroughs.

Service Offerings:

1. Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) for Automation
2. Procurement Management and Audits
3. Logistics Management Advisory
4. Project Management and Quality Assurance
5. information Systems Analysis and Design
6. Iterating Value Creation

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Development Consulting Services

Savannah Advisory is passionate about assignments that bring positive change and impact to people and communities. With vast experience in the development space, Savannah Advisory through its team, has taken part in development consultancy assignments both in the public and private sector across Africa.

Service Offerings:

1. Development Consulting
2. Monitoring and Evaluation
3. Feasibility Studies
4. Programme/Projects review and evaluation
5. Baseline Surveys

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Savannah Advisory prides itself on having a leading cybersecurity service line that provides cutting-edge cybersecurity services, offers comprehensive solutions to protect your organization's digital assets, and safeguards against evolving cyber threats. With a team of highly skilled experts and advanced technologies, Savannah Advisory empowers businesses to confidently navigate the digital landscape and ensure the confidentiality and integrity.

Service Offerings:

1. Cybersecurity Risk Management
2. Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing
3. Security Incident Response and Management
4. Security Awareness Training
5. Compliance and Regulatory Assistance
6. Digital Forensics Investigations

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Organizational Design and Development

In an ever-evolving world, it’s important that organisations adapt to ensure better business performance. Organisation design and development can play a vital role in enabling growth, longevity and relevancy within a business. At Savannah Advisory, we walk organizations through the process of aligning the structure and processes of an organization with its objectives.

Service Offerings:

1. Organizational Review and assessment
2. Human Resource Management and Audit
3. Job Analysis
4. Recruitment and Selections
5. Training and Capacity Building

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